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What are prescription orthotics?

What are prescription orthotics

Orthotics are custom-made shoe inserts prescribed by your podiatric physician to treat or eliminate foot and lower extremity pain and fatigue. Much like the way eyeglasses compensate for imperfections in sight, orthotics adjust for imperfections in your feet or walking pattern. By supporting your feet and correcting their alignment, orthotics

enhance shock absorption, improve muscle function and minimize the stress that very often causes foot deformity and pain.

How are orthotics prescribed?

First, you will need a thorough examination by your podiatric physician who will look for the cause of your symptoms. During the exam, your podiatrist will feel for displaced bones or swollen soft tissue, and may even test how smoothly your joints move. Your walking pattern (or “gait”) will be monitored, and the soles of your shoes

may also be checked for unusual patterns of wear. Factors such as your age, physical condition, and work or leisure activities will then be evaluated to determine the appropriate prescription for your orthotics.

Who should use orthotics?

Because “perfect” feet are extremely rare, nearly anyone can benefit from orthotics – from children to seniors. In fact, nearly 75% of all Americans will experience foot problems in their lifetime. Fortunately, orthotics can prevent or correct many common foot ailments, including:

• Heel Pain

• Flat Feet

• High Arches

• Bunions

• Achilles Tendon Pain

• Dropped Matatarsel

• Corns and Calluses

• Arthritis

The simple fact is that your feet should not hurt!

Pain is a signal from your body warning you that something is wrong. If you ignore your pain, the chances are good that your condition will become worse. So there is no reason to continue to suffer when our custom-made orthotics can provide long-lasting relief!

You can probably benefit from orthotics if you experience any of the following symptoms:

• You have knee or lower back pain

• You are a diabetic

• You sometimes experience leg cramps

• Your shins hurt

• Your toes are not straight

• One side of the sole of your shoe wears out faster than the other

• Your feet point inward or outward when you walk

• Your feet are tired at the end of the day

How are orthotics “custom-made” just for me?

How are orthotics “custom-made” just for me

Our orthotic devices are custom-made for your feet by utilizing the most advanced technology available today. Our foot-casting system captures a precise 3-D “map” of your foot, complete with its inherent forefoot to rearfoot relationships. Our laboratory uses this information to create a precise model of your foot which is then “corrected”

for your particular diagnoses – much like eyeglasses correct for imperfections of the eye. This three-dimensional model, along with your doctor’s clinical evaluation, is then used to fabricate an individually constructed, custom-made orthotic designed to meet your specific condition and needs.

Does the cost of my orthotics include follow-up office visits?

Does the cost of my orthotics include follow-up office visits

Other than the initial, one-time scanning fee, the all-inclusive cost of your custom-made prescription orthotics includes up to three months of follow-up office visits. Your orthotics are individually manufactured to exact standards utilizing the most advanced biomechanical technology available today. Consequently, every pair of custom-made orthotics also comes with our comprehensive “NO QUESTIONS ASKED” ONE YEAR WARRANTY.

What exactly is covered under the one-year warranty?

During the twelve-month period following dispensing, any adjustment, modification or repair to your orthotics is completely covered. Even if your orthotics are accidentally damaged beyond repair during the warranty period, we will replace them at no charge. Also, during the twelve-month warranty period, additional orthotics can be ordered at substantial savings.

Is there a warranty available for children’s orthotics?

Our podiatric physicians have prescribed hundreds of orthotics for children to help alleviate “growing pains” and to support and correct such common childhood foot ailments as flat feet, heel pain, sore shins and knee pain. However, we are certain that most children will outgrow their orthotics within two years. Therefore, we extend our warranty for children (under age 18) to include “out-grow” coverage for a full two-year period following dispensing. During this period we will prescribe replacement orthotics at special “out-grow” rates.

Will my insurance cover the cost of my orthotics?

Unfortunately, most likely not. In this day of managed healthcare, we have found that most insurance companies cover only the cost of generic, “one-size-fits-all” orthotic shoe inserts. This compromises the high standards of care we set for our patients, so we will not prescribe orthotics manufactured and discounted from non-podiatric sources.

You should consider the cost of your orthotics as an out-of-pocket expense that will pay back healthy benefits for many years to come.