The Importance of Good Running Shoes for Runners

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The Importance of Good Running Shoes for Runners

The Importance of Good Running Shoes for Runners

Running shoes are not created equally. There’s a reason why there are so many models out there, even within brands. Your feet are unique, and so is your running gait. In a perfect world, there would be as many running shoes as there are runners. 

As sports medicine specialists, the podiatrists at Hudson Valley Foot Associates can help you with advice to find the right shoe, as well as providing foot care advice to stay in the race, whether you’re a competitive runner or a weekend fitness buff.

When you’re once again face to face with a wall of the latest and greatest, keep in mind the important points that make a good running shoe the right shoe for you. 

You need a running shoe

While your favorite walking shoes might resemble a runner, they’re not interchangeable in purpose. Running creates a force about three times that of your body weight on your feet — about twice the amount that walking creates. The impact of running is a condition you won’t experience either when you’re walking. Simply put, matching shoe to activity is as important with running as it is with any other sport. 

The right protection

Designed around the demands of a dedicated runner, you’ll have a shoe that supports the activity of running. Trips and sprains are common, and well-designed shoes account for that. Heel and toe structure guide your stride away from toe catches and ankle rotations. Overall shape and cushioning supports your foot through the entire contact with the ground through every step. 

Comfort and performance

Your foot moves differently when you run. The design of a quality running shoe recognizes and supports this, though each shoe may feature different details, like soft or stiff midsole cushioning. Running shoes are well-ventilated. Your feet need breathability when running in a way that other activities don’t. Fit is critical in running shoes, since unwanted movement translates to friction, blisters, and unnecessary discomfort. 

Putting it all together

The unique nature of your feet and your running style ultimately dictate which running shoe is right for you. Stay open to the idea that there’s more than one right answer, more than one right shoe. You may prefer one for training and one for competition. A different feel might be the right choice on this weekend rather than the last. 

They say there’s no one perfect running shoe that works for everyone, but one of our podiatrists, Dr. Doug Tumen, author of Ask the Foot Doctor, recommends that the serious runners among his patients take a look at the Hoka Rocket X 2. An all-gender running shoe designed for competitive runners, Dr. Tumen feels the Rocket X 2 hits all the key features needed from a serious running shoe. 

Need to know more about your feet and the demands made by running? Book a consultation at the nearest of our five locations. Hudson Valley Foot Associates is standing by to help you. Schedule your appointment today.