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Hudson Valley Foot Associates has been designated as the exclusive provider of the Cryostar Cryoanalgesia System for the Hudson Valley. Our practice has long been recognized as a leader in the region for providing the best, new “state-of-art” treatment methods. Cryosurgery is rapidly becoming the gold standard for relief of foot pain. We are pleased to be the first to offer this new and exciting treatment method to our patients.


Cryostar was developed in England by the Cryomed Corporation and earned FDA approval for podiatric use in June 2003. During the past three years, its use for podiatric-related conditions has been extensively tested for safe, effective and proven pain relief. Since then, only a select group of Cryostar Certified Podiatric Physicians have become qualified to treat painful foot conditions using this “state-of-the-art” technology. Hudson Valley Foot Associates takes great pride in that ALL our doctors have demonstrated the necessary expertise to earn this select certification.

Cryosurgery is not a new modality to the medical field. For thousands of years, people have recognized the value of cold for analgesia effect. In fact, Hippocrates left us the first written records of the use of ice for pain relief (cryoanalgesia). Although modern Cryosurgery was first developed in the early 1960’s to treat conditions such as cancer of the prostate, liver and skin, it has recently developed into a specialized technique for providing long-term pain relief for various painful foot conditions.

During Cryosurgery, long-term pain relief occurs because of the formation of an ice crystal which disrupts the sensory component of the painful nerve endings. Cryosurgery is superior to other methods because pain relief is obtained without nerve destruction or removal.

The Advantages Of Cryosurgery

“Cryosurgery has revolutionized the way we treat painful conditions,” says Dr. Douglas F. Tumen, a founding partner of HUDSON VALLEY FOOT ASSOCIATES. “This technology provides the most significant advancement in patient care that I have witnessed in the past 20 years of practicing podiatric medicine!”

Benefits include:

  • Long term pain relief
  • High procedure success rate
  • Low incidence of complications
  • In-office procedure
  • Minimally invasive
  • Ambulatory the day of the procedure
  • Minimal to no down time from activity
  • Minimal discomfort
  • May permit return to fashion shoes
  • Cost effective- covered by most insurances

The Procedure

The Procedure


Cryosurgery is conveniently performed in the office of Hudson Valley Foot Associates. This minimally invasive technique takes approximately 15 minutes to perform. Initially, a local anesthetic is utilized so there’s no discomfort during the procedure. The Cryopobe is then inserted into the numbed area through a tiny puncture and is set for a 3-minute freeze cycle, followed by a 30-second defrost, then a final 3-minute freeze. The temperature at the tip of the probe drops to a minus 70 degrees centigrade, forming an ice crystal which treats the painful nerve endings. After the Cryoprobe is removed, an antibiotic ointment is placed over the small puncture site with a sterile dressing applied. No sutures are necessary due to the small size of the opening. Within 24 hours, the dressing may be removed and a shower is permitted. Post-procedure discomfort is minimal, but it is suggested that normal levels of activity be decreased during the first 48 hours. A post-procedure return visit to our office is normally scheduled within 7 days.

Ailments Treated By Cryosurgery

Advancements in Cryosurgery have produced remarkable results in the treatment of numerous podiatric conditions, including the treatment of many forms of heel pain and neuromas. In fact, Hudson Valley Foot Associates is one of only a select few Cryosurgery centers within the United States to utilize the revolutionary Plantar Fasciitis Probe. This newly developed probe enables our highly-trained Cryosurgeons to effectively treat a larger area of the heel with more precision and accuracy.

A Heel Spur refers to a small, bony growth on the bottom of the heel. When the plantar fascia is continually stretched, it begins to irritate the heel bone. This continued irritation causes the bone to react unfavorably by developing a calcium deposit or “heel spur.” Heel spurs do not cause the initial pain or problem, but are most often the result of plantar fasciitis. Many years ago, most treatment was directed at the spur itself, including invasive surgery to remove the spur. Fortunately Cryosurgery usually eliminates the need for any invasive techniques to remove heel spurs or plantar fascial surgery.


The term “neuroma” actually refers to a painful nerve enlargement in the forefoot. Morton’s neuromas are a common podiatric condition in which patients often experience the sensation of an electric shock in the ball of the foot. Pain is commonly located between the second, third or fourth metatarsals and can cause numbness, tingling, burning, or shooting pains into the involved toes. Pressure from ill-fitting shoes very often intensifies these symptoms. Today, Cryosurgery offers effective relief from painful neuromas. In fact, a recent review of more than 1200 Cryostar neuromas procedures* showed success rates ranging from 80% to 92%!

* Frozen in Time – Cryoanlgesia for the Treatment of Morton’s Neuromas,” Steven H. Goldstein, DPM; OrthoKinetic Review – March/April 2005

Other Indications For Cryosurgery

In our continuing quest to offer the latest advances in podiatric medicine, Hudson Valley Foot Associates has found the Cryostar effective in the treatment of many other foot problems. Nerve entrapments such as Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome can sometimes be treated effectively with the Cryostar. Management of painful diabetic neuropathy and Achilles tendonitis has also shown promising results. In addition, soft tissue tumors may be treated with this innovative

Insurance Coverage

Most insurance plans do not cover this procedure. Ultimately, it is the patient’s responsibility to confirm specific coverage, exclusions or limitations for their own policies and this procedure. For insurance plans that we do not participate with or who do not cover this procedure, full payment will be expected on the day that service is rendered.

Hudson Valley Foot Associates is pleased to be the first to bring this revolutionary technology to the area. For more information about Cryosurgery ask for our free Cryosurgery brochure or speak with one of our podiatric physicians.